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When most people say, “I like lagers,” they probably mean they like their beers light. “Lager” is often a broad catchall for misunderstood parts, like “Africa” or “rock ‘n’ roll.” Thanks to a unique kind of yeast that ferments beer slowly and at cooler temperatures, all lagers, from ambers to zwickels, have a crisp, clean finish, but as the newly popular black lagers prove, they’re not all pale, yellow and fizzy.

Black lager (also known as schwarzbier, if you want to be German about it), is an old style of brew that never quite caught on. It could be the oxymoronic-seeming name, but it’s definitely not the taste. Flavors of full-roast coffee and toasted brown bread seem to hover in the air when you pour it into a glass, and despite the beer’s darkness and big flavors, it has none of the anchoring heft of a stout or porter. This is a dark beer for people who don’t think they like dark beer.

Once the rage in German spa towns—a bedridden Goethe allegedly recovered his sturm und drang with schwarzbier—black lagers these days are only popular in geographical pockets, like, oddly, Texas. But that’s about to change. Guinness will release a black lager this month, putting this paradoxical, underappreciated side of the lager family in the spotlight. Or is it black light?

—William Bostwick

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It’s that time of year again. Yes, Germanfest begins today. You should check out the calendar for all the events going on this week. You can add it to your own Google calendar. You can also check out for additional details.

April Meeting

The German Heritage Society will be having it’s April meeting this Wednesday, April 6th @ 7PM. It will be at the clubhouse @ 1808 E Washington Blvd
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‎”Prost!” Fort Wayne Public Art Project

Calling all Artist!!! We need you. Submit a design to “Prost!” Fort Wayne’s Public Art Project.

This is a project where 4′ tall German Steins have been created out of fiberglass and will be transformed by local artists into beautiful pieces of public art. The “Prost!” project is being done to help celebrate Germanfest’s 30th Anniversary.

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